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Backup Photos with M365

In this week's video, IMS show you how backup your photos with Microsoft OneDrive on iPhone. This will also work on Android as well!

How To Manage Focused Box In Outlook

In this weeks video, IMS goes through and shows you how to manage your focus box inside of Outlook so you don't miss any important e-mails.

How to View Online Archive Email

In this weeks IMS video, We teach you how to view your online email archive done in the Microsoft 365 environment. We assume that your IT team has already set-up the archive. If you or your business needs help in ...

OneDrive Version History

In this weeks video, IMS shows you how to use OneDrive/SharePoint file history as a way to backup and restore Microsoft Office files. For more information reach us at

How to Cleanup Your Mailbox

In this weeks video, IMS discuss the storage capacity of your mailbox through Microsoft Exchange and the different sizes between licenses. IMS also explains how to keep your mailbox size down by following a few easy tips.

How To Customize SharePoint (Part 2)

In this week's video, IMS continues to show you how to customize your SharePoint web pages by explaining the different sections and web parts are available to you. If you have any questions about SharePoint or Microsoft 365 in general, ...

How to Customize SharePoint Part 1

In this weeks video, IMS shows you how to customize your SharePoint site and in this part focuses on specifically the different site setting options available to you. This will allow you to create a theme and navigation. Here is ...

How To Create A Sharepoint Site

In this weeks video, IMS starts a mini series around Microsoft Sharepoint. This first video focuses on creating a Sharepoint site, what kind of sites there are, and how to use a template. ...

How To Customize Windows Startup

In this weeks video, IMS shows you how to make you work day more productive by customizing which applications automatically open up on log-in. ...

How To Send Encrypted Emails

In this weeks video, IMS shows you how and why to send encrypted emails. IMS goes through how to do this through Outlook both on Mac and Windows. If you are not sure if you can access the encrypted email feature. Email us at and we will help out! ...


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