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How To Set Audio Input & Output Devices In Teams

In this IMS How To video, we discuss how to set your input and output devices for a Teams Meeting.

IMS How To: How To Start A Recording In Teams

Microsoft Teams give you instant access to the people who work and collaborate with you from any device. It's like being in the same room with your teammates, but without the pesky wires. Whether you're a professional in a company ...

IMS How To: Sync Microsoft Edge

In this IMS How To, we discuss the benefits of syncing Microsoft Edge with your Microsoft 365 accounts. This will allow you to sync your favorites and plug-ins to every computer you log into.

OneDrive Backup

Learn how to back up and secure your OneDrive files and folders so your data is safe and your peace of mind is assured. In this Microsoft TechNet course, you'll learn about Microsoft's OneDrive backup service, which has more built-in ...

How to Understand OneDrive Version History & Sharing

With OneDrive we can now back up & share our files with whomever we want. This can be very useful when working with groups, co-workers, friends, family or anyone else. This video will teach you all there is to know ...

IMS: How to Understand OneDrive Icons

IMS Tech Tips - Passwords

How to Spot a Phishing Email – Step By Step Guide (Simple, Easy, & Effective)

How to Pair Bluetooth Devices With Windows 11

How to use Windows Snipping Tool


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