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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Video 2

In this video, IMS talks about a few more topics in regard to Cybersecurity. We discuss what is the Dark Web and what monitoring services do. As well, as discuss what a VPN is and how it protects us.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: User Training

This month series will include best practices on how you should be training yourself and your fellow employees. If you have questions or would like to inquire about how we implement these best practices, contact us at

IMS How To: Clear Browser Cache

In this week video, IMS teaches us how to clear our browser cache and potentially fix issues with web browsing or your web apps.

IMS How To: Use InPrivate Browser In Edge

In this IMS How To: IMS goes through the ways to troubleshoot specific web applications by using the InPrivate Window.

How to Internet Explorer Mode in Edge

In this video, IMS will show you how to allow specific websites or web applications that require Internet Explorer mode. This will allow a smooth transition into Window 11 since IE is no longer available.

How to Bookmarks in Edge

In this How To Video, IMS goes in depth with the different organization features that Microsoft Edge and most other browsers provide. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at

Sync SharePoint Folder to Local Computer

In this weeks video, IMS shows you how to sync down your document library from a SharePoint site down to your computer using OneDrive.

How To Change Teams Background Filter

In this IMS How To we will show you how to customize Team Background to any color or image. We will show you that it is just a few click and then selecting a picture and clicking "Ok" to apply.

How To Turn On Nightlight in Windows 11

There are so many apps and programs available in Windows 11, and choosing the right one for your needs is a tough decision. This article is all about that and teaches you how to turn on one of our favorites ...

IMS TechTips: Best 3 Teams Tips

Microsoft Teams is the best way for small or medium business to communicate. IMS explains the basics to understand what Teams is and how it's used for business. Microsoft teams provides a set of tools for you to use to ...


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