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In this weeks video, IMS talks about a fun theory topic of ChatGPT and the benefits that it may bring to businesses in the future and may be a product to look out for. ...

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Home Wi-Fi

In this weeks video, IMS goes through and talks about 5 different tips on how to protect your home Wi-Fi. These are easy to do tasks that anyone can walk or be assisted through. ...

Google Search Beware!

In this week's video, IMS continues educating about different aspects of researching on Google. This time we focus on the security side and look at things to avoid on Google's search engine. If you need to assistance reach out to ...

Google Like a Pro

In this week's video, IMS wishes everyone a Happy New Year and will teach everyone how to Google like a pro. These five tips will enrich you ability to search what you are looking for. If you have any questions ...

Types of Computers Monitor Cables

In this week's video, IMS shows you the different types of cables that you use to hook up your desktop or laptop to external displays. If you have any questions or need assistance reach out to us at

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Video 2

In this video, IMS talks about a few more topics in regard to Cybersecurity. We discuss what is the Dark Web and what monitoring services do. As well, as discuss what a VPN is and how it protects us.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: User Training

This month series will include best practices on how you should be training yourself and your fellow employees. If you have questions or would like to inquire about how we implement these best practices, contact us at

IMS How To: Clear Browser Cache

In this week video, IMS teaches us how to clear our browser cache and potentially fix issues with web browsing or your web apps.

IMS How To: Use InPrivate Browser In Edge

In this IMS How To: IMS goes through the ways to troubleshoot specific web applications by using the InPrivate Window.

How to Internet Explorer Mode in Edge

In this video, IMS will show you how to allow specific websites or web applications that require Internet Explorer mode. This will allow a smooth transition into Window 11 since IE is no longer available.


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