Total Care Services

Stress-free IT use

Does it concern you that your company’s IT is in the hands of a one-man team on a full-time basis? Commonly, we see companies use various, non-IT employees, try to manage the IT needs within the office.

If that description could be your business, know there’s an easier way to manage it all. Here are some options:

IMS‘s Comprehensive Service

A Total Care Service Plan from IMS delivers solutions to maximize business on all levels, while wiping out the cost of a full-time IT employee.

Ponder this: A computer repair guy depends on problems in order to pay his salary. If this is the case, can you ever really put complete trust in him?

By acting as your technology partner, IMS aims to keep your IT running at its most efficient level because we never profit from company downtime.

The Total Care Service Plan has easy to follow monthly pricing that includes all services you need.

Sound like your business? If the answer is yes, call IMS:

  • It is important to have all IT aspects functioning properly to achieve success
  • You need all information to be safe and accessible at all times
  • You despise the worry that comes with managing office IT without professionals
  • Your company will thrive with the help of our IT services and low-cost options
  • Your company would benefit with freed up time to focus on growth techniques instead of IT concerns

The advantages and rewards

You’ll enjoy a smooth running network system in no time and with no disruption.
Constant monitoring allows for early reaction to fix possible threats to productivity. Our Total Care program will help you get the most out of your IT with stress-free management by our team.
Quick fixes at crucial times. We will solve numerous IT problems in a matter of 60 minutes or less, guaranteed!

  • Easy to follow pricing - A promised monthly fee will remain the only expense that comes with all of our services. It’s easy to stay within budget while attaining expert IT help and keeping your equipment efficient.
  • IT professionals without the high price - Instead of hiring an on-site IT employee, we work to make your company the best it can be at only a small portion of the cost.
  • Peace of mind - Company information is completely safe from any outside virtual threats, offering stress relief while promoting growth.

IMS Total Care Services
Service Plan Feature and Breakdown

Total Care Service


Business Essentials

Managed Business-Grade Firewall with Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam, Web & Application Filtering Instrusion Prevention, SSL VPN(Platinum & BE only) and reporting X X
Full Email Archiving X
Email Protection (antispam/antivirus & antiphishing) X X
Remote Patching/Monitoring X X
Remote Patching Only
Server/Desktop Optimization X X
AntiVirus and AntiMalware
Unlimited Support* X
*Labor only; all hardware and software costs, not specifically included in the plan, will be additional. Major project estimated to take longer than three hours will be billed as project work- ie.: office move, major cabling project, server installation or upgrade project, installation of new major software (implementation new accounting software, or document management system, etc.).
+Remote patches include those updates that could be automatically applied by Micresoft Updated. We screen Micosoft updates for only those that work for your business solutions. Software updates include those for your non-Microsoft supported software, such as adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Java etc. as long as you maintain vendor support agreement.

If you don’t want to deal with IT issues ever again, call today!

With our Total Care Service, you can count on a free 27-Point analysis audit and start on improving your company’s IT. At nearly $500 in value, this service is cost-free to you. All issues will be identified within your IT system so we can build a specific, low-cost plan for your company’s success.

This FREE 27-Point Problem Prevention Network Audit will provide:

  • Network Documentation – a plan to identify issues and get them corrected promptly
  • Comprehensive Reporting – analysis of your system and potential problem areas with solutions to correct each one
  • Easy to follow pricing – making it simple to stay within budget while getting expert support

Following the audit
After the analysis is finished, it’s up to you whether or not to continue to working with us.
Without any pressure, you can make the right choice for your company. If it’s only short-term assistance you need, we are available on a need-only basis as well.

Ready to get more efficient? Call today!

"You Get What You Pay For"

If you weigh the cost of the IT consultants to the cost of an in-house employee struggling to keep up with the technology, I believe you come out ahead using the consultants. And you know the job will be done right. IMS has always been there for us to fix or update items that required maintenance even though our business is over 150 miles from Fargo. We are in a very deadline oriented profession, and if our computers are down for even a couple of hours, our production suffers greatly. IMS knows our system and can get us going either remotely or with on-site visits.

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