Email / Spam Protection

Secure your email and the future of your business

While you depend on email to communicate with staff, clients and colleagues on a daily basis, there are huge risks that come along with using it. If you use email, you’re opening your business up to spam, phishing attacks, malware and computer viruses – putting your sensitive data and computer network at risk. Is your email an asset or a liability? Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out.

Email / Spam Protection solutions from IMS not only safeguard your business from dangerous online threats, but also keep you compliant with government regulations regarding Internet communication and data security.

The benefits of our Email / Spam Protection solutions include:

  • Proactive security - prevent online threats from ever arriving in your email inbox
  • Online archiving - simple search features and filtering make locating emails easier than ever
  • Greater efficiency - reduce server storage and simplify email management

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