Cyber Security


Think cybercriminals only target big companies?

More than 75% of data breaches target small and medium sized business(SMBs), and that can result in costs both financially and to your reputation.

1. Train your employees
train your employees to help protect your sensitive data.

2. protect your network
Protect your network with VPNs, firewall vulnerability scans, penetration testing, ect.

3. Secure Your Devices
Identify, track, and secure (encrypt) your employee's device - smartphones, USB drivers, tablets and laptops

4. Secure Physical Space
Track and log visitors, limit access with locked doors.

5. create clear policies
Created clear and concise written policies on the use and disposal on sensitive data.

6. where's your data
Locate, understand, and limit where all of your sensitive data resides.

7. proper disposal procedures
Ensure that you have the proper procedures and document in place to dispose of any devices, equipment, and paper records.